Friday, December 4, 2015

Staying Motivated

A big part of success in our business is staying motivated. And, that motivation comes from within you.

No one else can motivate another.  

Start to motivate yourself by finding your why; your inner passion; desire and drive. Get those goals down in writing.

Write out a simple daily action plan that you can and will commit to.

Arm yourself with positive reinforcements and a plan to know what you will do on those days you feel like quitting.

Each day, wipe the slate clean; revisit your why and take action on your written plan.

Before long, you'll find yourself motivated and creating strong habits for success.

Some ideas to help you stay motivated are by surrounding yourself with positivity.  If you see positive posts on Social Media, are around positive people, you are more likely to be positive and continue to be motived towards a positive goal in your life.

Create a vision board for yourself and look at it daily so you can really visualize what you are wanting to accomplish and what you will be able to reward yourself with, whether it be a new car, house, pay off debt or freedom to travel or spend more time with your kids.  Visualizing it daily will help make those things happen for you.

Also be sure not to compare yourself to others.  We are all in different places in our lives and our journeys.  You may be comparing your beginning to someone else's middle.  That will just discourage you and set you up for failure.  Move forward acknowledging your personal accomplishments

And lastly, be kind to yourself.  You are going to have bad days.  Don't punish yourself for them.  Pick up the next day and go at it again with a positive attitude knowing that it's ok to have those bad days every once in a while.  Everyone does.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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