Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Doubt Your Limits

"If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits." Don Ward

When you start your business, it is easy to fall into doubt. There are many types of doubt that come to mind -

Doubts about the company; doubts about the products; doubts about how people will respond to you; doubts about network marketing; and, most common, doubts about our own ability to see the job through.

Self doubt is that annoying "self chatter" that is often in your head, telling us that we are crazy to think that this can work for us.  It tells us that we are crazy to to think that we can be successful.

But, think about it this way - why not ME, and why not NOW? If it can happen for anyone else, it can also happen for me.

The key of course is simply following a proven system for success....and then, getting out of one's own way.

I've heard this said so often from people that are successful in their business - "get out of your own way!"  I didn't really understand that at first.  But then I realized, the only person stopping me from being successful is me.  My own fears and doubts about myself.  

I have started many businesses in my 41 years and have given up on many businesses in my 41 years.  I never learned to get out of my own way.  I held myself back by not believing that I could do it.  I didn't reach out to people because I doubted my ability to share my passion for the products I was sharing with them.  I was embarrassed that I was doing "something else".  It's hard sometimes because frankly, people seem so judgemental sometimes.  I didn't want them to judge me.

It's taken me 41 years to learn to NOT CARE if people judge me and my business.  Why should I?  Are they paying my bills?  Are they living my life?  I don't judge them for what they do and honestly, they probably don't care that much about what I was just me...getting in my own way again.  It was me, thinking they actually cared enough to worry about what I was! 

So now, here I am, in my 4th month with Le-Vel sharing my passion for their amazing products and learning more and more each day to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY and believing that I can do this!  Believing that this can work for me!  I KNOW it can!  In 3 months, I earned my car bonus!!!  In 3 months I've changed people's lives!  They are living better, healthier, happier lives because I'm finally getting out of my own way!  

Believe me...I still have some room for improvement.  But I'm getting there!  I'm reaching out and sharing and showing people who I am and what I do!!!  I encourage you to do the same! You got this!!!  Go for it!

And most of all....GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!


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